Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Brighten another Gloomy Day

This is just a small preview of what I'm working on today - probably as a mental protest against the fog and gloom we have here in Austin for yet another day. Damp and cold! Anyway, hopefully by tonight I'll have at least a small ornament made for you to print out, if not an egg, as these go fast!

This is how the 4-way Bargello begins when I get an idea. A sketch on my tracing of the egg shape, and then the drawing on canvas, complete with marked centers and diagonals - and the most fun part, THE THREADS!! Stay tuned.


  1. Such luscious colors! And bargello too - I can't wait to see this egg completed. It's fun when an idea takes over and becomes something beautiful and new.

  2. Lovely colours. I'm also looking forward to seeing this finished.
    P.S. came to you via pintangle