Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knitting with Fabric Strips (again!)

I have mentioned this briefly at an earlier date, but as I've noticed that people are now looking for patterns and techniques for fabric strip knitting, it's time to dig out the pattern file I created on my last "binge" of this about five years ago.

It's an extremely creative medium, as is knitting in general, and I'm apalled at the number of people who have never gone beyond scarves - so were bored and gave it up.

I have probably shown this little tote bag on the other blog at some point in the past, but will show it again here - as well as another one I really enjoyed from the "Mosaic" patterns by Barbara G.Walker.
The blue and white bag is made with the pattern "Waves" from the first book on the subject.
I'll go find some simple ones that I can offer here for you to try - probably starting with the placemats I made, using the little washcloth pattern we were doing with cotton thread about ten years ago - starting in the corner. I managed to figure out how to elongate this, and made placemats - with the same fabric hemmed, and used as napkins. Very effective and festive for a table setting!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I worked very hard over the weekend, and astonished myself by finishing Chapter II and putting it onto the web page. Now I deserve a rest, and another "swim" with the coral reef critters.

This chapter shows, mostly in pictures, detailed instruction in drawing the pattern, putting it onto canvas, and painting - even as to how to hold the paint brush and how to fill it with paint.

This is a downloadable e-booklet that you can print out yourself, so may be purchased by those interested who are from countries outside the U.S.A., as there is no "mailing" involved except by e-mail.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Mini-Scallop Shell and Paint Your Own Canvas!

This scallop shell is from my Coral Reef series of ornaments - and it was stitched on waste canvas over the background, to make it stand out a bit instead of blending in - very effective! It can be seen on the other blog. It's a tiny thing, at only a bit over 1" high, but might be useful for something else - so I'm passing it along.

Likewise the fish, which is intended for an ornament now in progress - it will also be stitched on waste canvas. I have these on graph paper to make them show up better, and each little square represents a stitch in needlepoint or an X for counted X-stitch. The color scheme is yours to imagine!

I drew these first, of course, on needlepoint canvas so I could see what they would actually look like. When I drew them later on graph paper, it helped me visualize some stitches I might use - so it helped a lot.
And now for my commercial about my re-do of "Paint Your Own Canvas." I've been needing to update that book for about two years, and for the last year, have sworn almost daily that I would get busy and put it into E-Book form.

As I was able to add more color pictures, etc. by doing it this way, as well as having new materials, tools, and information that I didn't have five or six years ago, (including a computer and digital camera) it started getting too long, so I have split it into two chapters.
Chapter I is ready and already on my web page (Elegant Whimsies). under "E-patterns: Booklets." It deals in depth with the tools and materials and how to use them - and also with paint and mixing colors, etc. Hopefully, I'll finish Chapter II over the weekend, which will be about actually designing, drawing, and painting a canvas.
Meanwhile, as I'm day dreaming about the Gulf of Mexico, and time spent on the coast of north Florida, I'll get out my "jeweled sea critters" file and put some more here for your use.

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's March Again Already!

I usually dread the arrival of March, as in Austin it means the advent of hot weather again. However, after having a record number of weeks of winter, (which was rather wonderful, for a change), I'm looking forward to maybe some sunshine and good weather for outdoor activity. (as long as it remains cool).

Anyway - this is the Birthday Crazy Quilt for March, which includes the aquamarines and daffodils significant for the month. The symbolism of these is explained on the other blog (Possibilities, etc.) I think , under "birthday crazy quilts." - be sure to go look.

Also, this piece, along with the other ones, may be purchased as an e-pattern or as a painted canvas with instructions on my web page, Elegant Whimsies.