Monday, December 8, 2008

More Filet Lace

I was tired last night and forgot to include this gorgeous picture. When I was preparing my article for Needlepoint Now early last spring, (the subject was Lace) my son-in-law told me his mother has a beautiful tablecloth that her aunt or her grandmother made for her in Italy for her wedding (since she is my age, my children classify these things as "antiques.") She had bestowed this treasure on my daughter, so I was able to study it and get great pictures for illustration.

I was, of course, delighted and grateful, as not only did this kind of lace originate in Italy, - but what a coincidence! This tablecloth is crocheted, as the Irish did to imitate the effect. I haven't tried yet to get the look in needlepoint of the difference in the background behind the rose, and the simple netting around it. I could do it in crochet, but needlepoint is another kind of challenge!

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  1. Hi Judy,

    I've enjoyed reading your recent posts. More please? :-)

    Windy Meadow