Friday, December 19, 2008

A Four-Way Bargello Ornament (or Egg)

I didn't get this finished, but thought it's far enough along to see what it will look like - and also easier to use as a guide for stitching. Also, I chose to use the bright colors of the season, which could easily be replaced with the colors of spring for an egg - or any color you wish on a small circle. I drew the pattern so it would fit either this 4" octagonal shape, a 4" circle, or the egg, which is 3 5/8" wide by 4 5/8" high. (on 18 mesh canvas).

As usual, I enjoyed using fibers with different textures instead of lots of different colors. The whites are YLI ribbon floss for it's shine, Kreinik metallic ribbon 1/16" in color #032 (white) and plain old DMC Perle cotton #3. The flower is made with Frosty Rays, and its center is four smyrna crosses in yellow Ribbon Floss. The leaves are Kreinik 1/16" ribbon in green. The light green just inside the darker green Perle Cotton border is also Ribbon Floss. (I love this stuff, as it's so versatile) The gold outline is Kreinik gold 002HL ribbon 1/16", and the red is the same width metallic ribbon.
The drawing on canvas is easy to follow. As always, I outlined the shape first to confine the bargello stitches and make the edges smooth and even. It's much easier to stitch this way. Also, I made the chart to fit the octagon, so you would need to expand the stitches to fill in the circle shape, as well as the egg, which is very easy to do.

Another alternative would be to simply fill in with basketweave around the basic four-way bargello motif. I have marked the centers on both designs, but you will need to mark the diagonals yourself on the circle (trusty Sharpie or Pilot ultra fine point drawing pen)

I have marked the flower center for you on the egg, as well as the diagonals. Again, I have drawn the chart with the top of the motif cut off, as it was made to fit the octagonal, but you would go ahead and expand it to use on the egg.

This motif has many possibilities both as shapes and colors, and the way of setting it up. I can see maybe Petite Very Velvet in basketweave as a background around it, and maybe a few beads set in. (of course). Enjoy being creative and adding you own touches and ideas! The stitch count is very simple - just based on two, three, and four threads high for the stitches - nothing complicated or elaborate for this one!! Just have fun and relax!


  1. This is going to be just beautiful! And I agree that basketweave around the outside would set things off perfectly.

  2. Very nice, Judy! What a great idea!

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  4. Love the vibrancy. Very nicely charted. Thank you.