Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Ad for Plaid!

I don't usually do this, but the response to my plaid has been rather enthusiastic again, so I'll call attention to the fact that I do have a book available on my web page - "Elegant Whimsies." There are so many many things one can do with plaid - it's like painting with a needle on bare white canvas, and never gets boring.
You can easily just plot your own with your preferred colors, or work from a piece of woven plaid fabric - a simple thing to do. I've used it over the years for covers for footstools (even on 10 mesh canvas), pillows, borders for names and quotes - lots of good stuff!

I'm hoping to find the time in the near future to put this book, which I did several years ago as one of the "Coloring Book" series, in two installments as e-books - but the second one on "LACE" has to come first.
The illustration shows a few of the plaids demonstrated in the book, and there are also instructions on how to set up individual projects.

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