Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Flower Trim!

Once started with the doodling on canvas, I couldn't leave this alone. This is my standard 4 1/2" circle - great for simple ornaments! The centers are marked horizontally and vertically, and the center of the large flower is placed - then the rest are drawn. This assures symmetry of the trims.
There are twelve threads between the center lace and the top and bottom laces.

So many possibilities for threads, etc.!! The squiggly lines simply show the direction change for slanted stitches - I like to use Frosty Rays or Rachellette for this. Bump stitches for the centers, etc. and also for the leaves in between. Use your imagination and have fun!!

My intent is to use the Petite Very Velvet as a background, as it is gorgeous with the Sundance #250 hexagonal beads for glitter. The little dots show placement of beads on the WEFT (dips) of the canvas so they will nestle down nicely and not wobble.
The photo in color demonstrates how gorgeous the PVV is in white for a background for the laces and trims (these are diagonal). You can easily see the glitter of the clear hexagonal beads. The Kreinik metallic braid in 002V (#12) is also very pretty in this combination.
This ornament drawing could also probably be used for counted cross stitch, with each dot on the canvas being used for an "X" on fabric.

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