Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tree With Tutorial (or "a tree for all seasons")

These trees are from about 12 years ago when I was practicing new stitches and trying out new threads, etc. I couldn't stand to waste the effort, so devised this tree - and had little stands made for them so they could either be hanging ornaments or placed on the mantel or a table. On 18 mesh canvas, they are only 4 1/2" high - nice size.

The one on the left is worked with beads on the background and swags of silk ribbon flowers. This, I think, could also be done on counted X-stitch fabric with great effect.

The green tree on the right is made with stitches I found in an old, out of print book from the 70's - I think it was "A New Look at Needlepoint" by Carole Chaney and Georgia Devlin Rome - I had found an ancient used copy and grabbed it. Except for the red upright Hungarian stitches, it is entirely upright stitches, as bargello, over two or three threads in a zig-zag pattern. Simple. I used various threads for interest in texture.
The red and green tree is made with a fascinating stitch, again from an old book. I have no idea what name it had - but that doesn't matter. It is kind of "woven" looking. The star I'm showing simply to illustrate it's effectiveness in other colors. Threads used were Petite Frosty Rays and Kreinik metallic (for the woven element).
By the way - do notice that these are all OUTLINED first in simple tent stitches so that the decorative stitches end cleanly and neatly with no ragged edges.The first chart shows the sequence of the vertical stitches for beginning this stitch.

The entire shape should have the verticals done first, and then turn the canvas and do the horizontals. The last chart shows the horizontals in orange - and also the metallic braid being woven through - first vertically, and then horizontally. For some reason, this was more effective. The braid stays ON TOP of the canvas- only goes to the back at the end of an entire row, and then back up again to start back across.

The tree drawing on canvas is easy to do - plenty of instructions on this blog - probably under "canvas preparation." This outline could easily be done in counted X-stitch on fabric, and decorated any way you wish. Even for other seasons!!

Incidentally, this tree is one shape from my downloadable e-pattern collection on Elegant Whimsies (my web store), as "shapes for all seasons."

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  1. What a fabulous idea! I have always been planning to have a record of stitches I like, but couldn't decide on a format that would keep me interested. Now I have found one!!

    Oh the possibilities of this are bubbling away in my mind. ("possibilities"... get it?...LOL)

    And thank you for sharing the chart with us, as well as the pictures.