Thursday, May 21, 2009

4th of July and Summertime Coming!

Doodling on scraps of paper and canvas on my table is how this begins - so out of the ashes and mess arises the next Freebies, etc. project - hopefully by Saturday.
That's a watermelon in the pencil sketch at the bottom. Note the Hershey's Kisses on the table - the Sprite is off to the left, as I won't have liquids on my work table.

I got lucky on the "flag" napkin ring, as the thing came out even without much effort. I started in the center to make sure it would be alike at both ends.
The big mess is on the right end of the table - it seems to be the only way I can function. I know where everything is in which layer of debris!
The yellow item at the lower right is a ceramic starfish Jake brought his Granny today - makes a wonderful paperweight to go with the one I made a few years ago with seashells. Now I have a "clay" buddy, so need to go to the clay store on Saturday.The little cacti are a treat to myself, but will also be used to demonstrate that beads aren't just for Christmas sparkle on the painted canvas! Later.


  1. Hi Judy, I love the way you make messes, it's all very organized and colorful! Know what you mean about liquids on the work table, with my required Mr. Magoo type of magnification, I could easily knock something over! Which in some circles is grounds for court- martial! Looking forward to seeing the beaded cacti too. Have a great weekend.