Monday, May 4, 2009

Animal Skin Patterns: Update!

This is a "Freebies" blog, and I intend to keep it that way - including lots of fun tutorials. However, I have had lots of interest in animal skin also on the other blog, so decided to do an "e-pattern booklet" for my web page with lots of patterns to print out and trace, and projects to do with them. I don't usually like to advertise this way, but after all, I do have to spend $$ on canvas and threads and beads and paint brushes to keep me going. Take a look at the web page (Elegant Whimsies)

Meanwhile, isn't this guy gorgeous?!! I have a number of file folders full of animal skin pictures etc. but haven't done the Jaguar from Central and South America yet - his spots are rather large and a bit complex, and wouldn't do for my little pieces I've designed so far - but what an elegant sofa pillow it would make!!
P.S. I would really like to hear what you would like to see on "Freebies, etc." that you can't find anywhere - I need guidance in developing new free projects and patterns! Just leave comments, if you will, and I'll get busy.

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  1. Great idea - patterns we can all use to create beautiful cat-themed items for our houses. Another e-pattern book that I need to save up for. Thanks for sharing with all of us.