Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Napkin Ring Chart

I got a lot more stitching done on this napkin ring, but had to put it down, as deadlines are pressing for other things - there is enough done, I think, that you can see what it will look like. There is more background info on the other blog from yesterday's post.

I'm not sure I like my choice of the white Petite Frosty Rays for filling in the area above and below the main pattern - and might take it out and substitute cotton floss. I do, however, like the effect of the Petite Frosty Rays for the hearts and outer Bargello bands, as they look a bit "puffy" and sparkle a little bit too. I used silk for the flowers, as that's what was in my stash in the right color - and the leaves and edges (long armed cross stitch) are worked with cotton floss.

The piece is only a fraction longer than 5 1/2", which is a great size for the napkin ring - so it's best to start in the center where the marking is. Just follow the chart for the upright stitches, and insert the little flowers, which are done with smyrna cross. I changed the chart a little bit, as I had made two mistakes on the stitched version - not a miscount, but a visual thing regarding the look of the placement of the heart.

The chart is presented here vertically, as I could get a larger image to print out - enjoy this, and by all means use your own color choices!! Incidentally, this piece made a bit longer - 7" or so - would actually work for a cuff bracelet!! Earrings could be made with the little flowers. There are some I did quite some time ago on the other blog under "beads" or "jewelry" or something like that.

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  1. I love this idea and the way you have adapted the pattern.

    What a wonderful way to use needlepoint to make something both beautiful and useful.

    Keep Stitching,