Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drawing on Canvas: Addendum

The post I did on drawing on canvas was a kind of "hurry-up" job, as I am aware of Tony's cyberclass and a kimono that apparently has to be drawn. I have watched people struggle with the drawing of other projects on other blogs, and thought I might be of help in this regard - it is quite simple, but there are "tricks" etc. to make it right. Please feel free to e-mail me if you need further instruction, as my e-mail address is on my profile. Just PLEASE don't use pencil. The graphite will smear and make your threads dirty. (and Tony would have a stroke)

As for PENS, I have explained my preferences on my side bar - this is from 40 years of experience. I recently saw the suggestion that people use the Staedtler pens for drawing on canvas, and to let this dry for 24 hours. I keep a set of these gorgeous pens - 20 colors - but they are only used for my stitch guide illustrations, bargello patterns on graph paper, etc. No matter how long you let them dry on canvas, they will still smear when dampened. I have tested them thoroughly.

I also saw recently a shop owner blog who stated "Never use a Sharpie" - again, I have used these for many years. There are several kinds of Sharpie pens - the paint pen is not good, as it is oil based, but the ultra fine point pen is superb for this purpose.

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  1. Hi, love your work. Can you please post a photo showing the entire mini stocking. It's great. What are the dimensions? Any recommendations for doing the letters? I'm new to all this.