Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jeweled Napkin Rings (in needlepoint)

While working on my crazy quilt Birthday hearts yesterday, I had one lying on it's side on my work table - and noticed the "bracelet" of diamonds looking very much like a model for a napkin ring - sooo I've been doodling on canvas again.

Of course I had to also draw the garnets I did for "January" which is far from being finished. This is a replica of a piece of antique jewelry I found, stitched with Kreinik metallic gold 002V, and garnet colored beads from Sundance.
To be sure that my pattern was correct for this project, I consulted my daughter, who approved - I cut a T.P. tube piece that is 1 1/2" high - which comes to 5 1/2" long when spread out for a pattern. Her fine damask napkin looks spiffy in it, I think. She didn't voice an opinion - said she would wait until she sees the needlepoint version completed. The blue and green Splendor silk is what I chose to use as backgrounds - one above and one below the chain of jewels. (which are made with Sundance hexagonal clear #250 beads)

While I had the pen and canvas out on the table, what else could I do but continue? So the pearls emerged as a swag across the length of the shape. These will be stitched with the turquoise color I used on my June birthday heart - I do like the combination.
It's getting late, and I've had a busy day - so can't really think coherently. I'll give you the diamond pattern tonight, and do the others tomorrow with in depth instruction for putting them onto canvas.

Basically, if you want to go ahead and get it done, the canvas is cut 4" high x 8" long to accomodate the pattern, which is 1 1/2" high x 5 1/2" long. (on 18 mesh white mono-canvas - never use interlock for these).

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