Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back to Halloween: Napkin Rings Painted

I spent most of yesterday painting these napkin rings, and now am ready to stitch one or two. You already have the drawn pattern, so here is what they look like painted. ("jeweled" ones included)

I had called Colleen, owner of the LNS here in Austin, to see if she could find me something wonderful in "pumpkin" color - and she sent me the PVV in a perfect orange - so that decision is made (This arrived, of course, overnight).
I'll stitch the dividing lines - the grooves and cutting mark at the top, in darker orange cotton floss, and the black features probably in DMC Satin Floss, as it shines, and will be a nice contrast to the velvet of the orange thread. The lines around each pumpkin will be Kreinik 002V #12 braid, and the background some kind of upright stitches in sparkly black and whatever else I can find that's suitable.

I can't decide what to do about the backgrounds of the little pumpkin designs, but am thinking dark green silk. I'll wait on that until the rest of it is done. The candy corn will probably be best stitched with DMC Satin Floss to make it shine, with something sparkly on the black backgrounds. The main background I'm not sure yet - but will probably, again, use a long upright stitch resembling bargello and using maybe Petite Frosty Rays in black, orange - whatever I can find in my stash that looks right.

The next project is to add a bat, a witch, a spider, and whatever other motifs I can fit properly into that tiny space. Also, if you want to make bracelets - elongate the piece to the required length for you.

I also painted the jeweled napkin rings, and they really came to life by the time I put the gold on them. I'll use beads for the jewels except for the pearls, as they are prettiest in Renaissance white Shimmer. I think the emeralds with diamonds is my favorite, and so appropriate for my older daughter.

The jewels could, of course, be painted a different color for different jewels, with appropriately colored backgrounds. I thought about each jewel I'm familiar with, and each suggests a typical shape one usually finds in the cuts.

A gift of someone's birthday jewels in a set of napkin rings would be fun! - or even a set of them for a family with the birthday jewel for each member.
The string of pearls is pretty on the soft, Caribbean colors, but would also be lovely on shades of pink/coral! Garnets just had to be on a "lavolier" looking antique necklace effect - and peridots would also work well this way.
I have already posted the patterns for these jeweled pieces, and this is what they look like in color!!
Now to stitch a few for gifts. They are small and quickly done, and one could carry them in a purse on a trip.

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