Thursday, July 2, 2009

August in July (with Silk Ribbon)

My computer has been in ICU - very sick for a while, and I haven't made up any new Freebies until today - and will post them tomorrow, as Halloween approaches for those of us who needlepoint and X-stitch.
The year gets all confused, but after so many years, I'm used to it. I'm showing as a header the August Crazy Quilt birthday heart, as I didn't finish July - and it's summertime anyway where I am - HOT summer, so the colors suit!
For anyone who hasn't followed my birthday CQ pieces on the other blog, this is August with it's peridots and gladiolus. (Sword Lily). The flowers are made with silk ribbon from River Silks.
July is my own birthday month, but I got distracted and didn't finish the design. Also need to go backward and do May.


  1. Hi Judy,

    Halloween designs??? Oh, I love Halloween, especially since October is my birth month.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you are going to share for Halloween! :-)

    Windy Meadow

  2. August is lovely! Congratulations. The silk ribbon flowers add so much to this pattern. And as Cyn said, we can't wait to see October.

    Pumpkins on a vine, anyone?