Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Evolutions of an Ornament

Still playing around with the hearts on canvas - I really like the "4-way" design, but decided it needed to be divided in order to appear as hearts, and not just a red blob. The circle is the 4 1/4" one already showing in a previous post, and marked with the centers of horizontal and vertical, and the four diagnoals.
After stitching a smyrna cross in the exact center, and then the diagonals (Kreinik silver in the Vintage, as I wanted no sparkle, but a nice metallic gleam), I decided to be clever and add some flowers around the heart motif. I got lucky, and it actually made a circular pattern - but after stitching them, again in smyrna crosses for "bumps," all I could see was those awful looking squares - soooo back to doodling on canvas.

Incidentally, I used the Caron Watercolours for the hearts in a very subtle overdye - not too obvious, but interesting.
This time, after marking diagonals on a scrap of canvas, I drew different flowers - some from one of my "laces and trims" collection, and they made a splendid circle around the central motif. I do hope they look as good when stitched! For placement, I first made little marks where the tops of the heart would be.

Now, off to rip out the squares and to paint out the other flowers, and back to work. Tune in tomorrow, as I will have hopefully enough worked to visualize the finished piece - and then the chart for printing and working your own.

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