Friday, January 2, 2009

Bargello Pattern: 4-way Egg finished!

The egg is finished - and it really didn't take very long. I will be brief on the editorializing, as I have a post on the other blog from yesterday dealing with the threads used and why they were selected. Also, the main instructions for doing this sort of project are in a previous Freebies post -the first 4-way Bargello ornament.

This pattern was put onto an egg shape 5 1/2" high x 4 1/4" wide (on 18 mesh canvas). It would be slightly larger, of course, on 13 mesh.The central motif will also fit, with a little juggling, onto the smaller egg which is included with the previous post, as well as on the 4" circle provided on the circle drawing tutorial. Only a small amount of juggling with the outer color bands would accomplish it. I made one fit by simply leaving out the white ribbon floss frame just inside the magenta/purple band, but leaving the metallic ribbon.
I switched to the light blue Sharpie ultra fine point permanent pen for the centering and diagonals, as it is easier to stitch over and doesn't show through. Also, it was easier to dot out with acrylic paint when clearing the center around the flower for the basketweave background in white so it wouldn't show through, as black might have done. Notice that the horizontal center was marked at the widest part of the egg, and not at the vertical halfway point.
Showing the stitching in sequence illustrates how easy this is to do - one simply fills in around the central, rather square 4-way motif, to fill up space in whatever shape you choose to make the ornament. This scan shows the blue dots I placed for the beads.

The detail illustrates the placement of the pretty purple Sundance beads - but you could substitute just small "bump" stitches with contrasting metallic threads for an accent. I do this by simply making an X in the space. And now the Chart:

ADDENDUM: This has been a very popular design - so I've put two more egg patterns for sale as E-patterns on my web page, ELEGANT WHIMSIES. E-patterns come direrectly to you, and may be downloaded and printed out at your convenience.