Monday, October 20, 2008

The Next Bargello

This is to be my next bargello offering, but first I will have an extensive tutorial on my other blog by this evening on why NEVER to use Continental stitch on mono canvas - it's a thing only intended in our grandmothers' time for use on penelope canvas with the pre-worked design. Please don't miss it, if you have been taught to use it. We "outlawed" this in the early 70's, and I am appalled to discover it has re-surfaced and is being taught to new needlepointers.


  1. so lady how do you really feel...don't be
    direct and to the
    I was taught the basket weave when I started in the busines in 1972...and had never held a piece of needlepoint in my hand...never had to use a frame because done correctly the basketweave does not
    pull in one direction...
    and makes for a beautiful smooth piece of stitching...
    Judy you sure know your basics...

  2. Hi Judy,

    This new bargello ornament is beautiful!

    Windy Meadow