Friday, October 24, 2008

More Mitered Bargello

I found this ornament in the same file box as the previous one - and sometimes I wonder what was on my mind at the time. It was made about six or seven years ago, and it appears that I was dredging up some left over perle cotton, as the entire piece is stitched with this and some Kreinik metallic braid - #202HL for the gold, and silver HL for accents - as well as "jewels" made with bump stitches in Accentuates.

It was the first in this series of mitered Florentine ornaments, and perhaps this is why it's simple - but it has lots of potential for all kinds of different fibers and decorative effects! The ornament, after adding the one outside row of gold stitches, and then two of dark green for finishing, measures just slightly over 5" from point to point on 18 mesh canvas.

A square at least 8" needs to be cut, and the vertical and horizontal centers marked. Fortunately, I have always kept scans of the stitching in progress! You can easily see how it goes - just start with the center square of 4 x 4 stitches, and then mark the diagonals out from the corners. Start stitching in the center, as well, and progress outward. You will change direction at the diagonals as always on the mitered Bargello.

Just follow the chart, as it's quite simple. I see a row of some different color of Kreinik metallic braid (#12 on this canvas mesh) that has little blue and green sparkles in it - My stash is out of this, so I don't know the color number.

After doing the outer green bargello border, mark with your Pilot or Sharpie drawing pen the line around the ornament, a you will then fill it in as indicated on the chart with slanted stitches. I used #3 perle cotton for the upright stitches, and #5 for the basketweave background and the slanted stitches in the outer border.

Please enjoy this one, and do use more imagination than I did in your selection of colors and threads, etc. It's easy and quick to do, so lots of possibilities here!

I decided to wait to do the white and purple bargello until I can get a proper tutorial together (in a few days) on drawing circles and other simple shapes - this is VERY important when doing a symmetric design, but also helps with any painted or counted canvas, as it makes it prettier in the finishing! Nothing lopsided or mishapen.

Please excuse the "lumpy" look of this ornament - It hasn't been properly sent to the finisher. I just folded the canvas under and taped it - so it's rather strange looking.

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  1. Hi Judy,

    This one looks like fun and I can already see different stitch possibilities!

    Windy Meadow