Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Great Border Stitch!

Sometimes a stitched piece of needlepoint needs a little bit extra as a defining element - maybe just on two threads around it. Basketweave can be boring for this, both the stitching and the look. The one I have enjoyed most for many years is Long-Armed cross stitch. It's extremely easy to do, goes fast, and looks great! It also has the characteristic that the excess canvas rolls back easily from it, and makes the edges of belts, coasters, etc. look great. I have also used it at top and bottom of "rollies." (as on Gail Hendrix's peacock!)

The little green patchwork piece really needed this accent - so I added it easily last night. You can see in the detail how neat it is, and also I left the dots on the warp threads showing so you can see how the "dotted swiss" background is constructed.

The long-armed cross stitch works from left to right, so I started at the upper left corner of this, and just turned the canvas when I reached the corners and continued on around the design. It really gives it a bit of zing it didn't have before - and will make it finish nicely for insertion into a box top or whatever. I made smaller ones (not stitched yet) for coasters. For belt finishing - and dog collars, etc. - this stitch is wonderful, as the canvas just kind of rolls back and leaves a neat, defining edge. .

It is also a very attractive way to surround a name or monogram - or any simple design motif- as I did "Julia" here to separate the name plaque from the checked border.

P.S. The canvas isn't warped in the detail - it looks buckled because of the needle I left at the top.

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  1. Like you I love the Long-Armed cross stitch. I find it so much fun to do.

    I like what you are doing with "Julia". Looks great.

    Making a nice border is now something that I will be thinking about when stitching projects as they really make some projects look more finished.

    Pierrette =^..^=