Wednesday, September 1, 2010

'Tis the Season! (thinking about stitching)

Lest you think I've lost my mind (I probably have, and don't know it yet) - I decided I'm tired of looking at crazy quilts, so "retired" the September heart as a header, as I've used it two years in a row. (See these at my other blog, Possibilities, etc., under "Birthday Crazy Quilts")

I finished this piece last night as a napkin ring, as one of my "tartan adaptability and uses" experiments, and thought it might be suitable to point out that even tho' it's still horrendously hot (at least here in Austin), it's time to think about starting gifts, ornaments, table decorations, etc. for the upcoming gaiety of the seasons of fall into Christmas! (and don't forget Hanukkah!)
My next blog post here will be a new napkin ring motif or two, as these were fun last year, fast to stitch, and great for decorating a table. I'll probably change the header too, and show candy corn or something more appropriate! Meanwhile, there are lots of napkin ring patterns right here on this blog - just click on the label for them.
The illustrated napkin ring is adapted from the Alpine Meadlows tartan, and I have a more complete description on the other blog.


  1. Love your napkin ring -LOVE the green plaid. Would you mind sharing info on how you finished it? Thanks, liz

  2. The one in the picture is held together on the back with a piece of masking tape. I never finish my own. I think Pat Miller at Needleartnut knows how, as she stitched my Halloween pieces last year and finished them. Vikki Pinson here in Austin does this well - professional.

  3. This is a great idea, and timely - thanks!

    (I'm glad that you're posting again!)