Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knitting with Fabric Strips (again!)

I have mentioned this briefly at an earlier date, but as I've noticed that people are now looking for patterns and techniques for fabric strip knitting, it's time to dig out the pattern file I created on my last "binge" of this about five years ago.

It's an extremely creative medium, as is knitting in general, and I'm apalled at the number of people who have never gone beyond scarves - so were bored and gave it up.

I have probably shown this little tote bag on the other blog at some point in the past, but will show it again here - as well as another one I really enjoyed from the "Mosaic" patterns by Barbara G.Walker.
The blue and white bag is made with the pattern "Waves" from the first book on the subject.
I'll go find some simple ones that I can offer here for you to try - probably starting with the placemats I made, using the little washcloth pattern we were doing with cotton thread about ten years ago - starting in the corner. I managed to figure out how to elongate this, and made placemats - with the same fabric hemmed, and used as napkins. Very effective and festive for a table setting!

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