Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Napkin Rings Finished!!

The napkin rings arrived finished - my good friend and great stitcher Pat Miller worked them for me, as I hadn't a clue how to do it myself - I just draw and paint them. Anyway - here they are, and now they are on their way to Oklahoma City for my grandchildren there to enjoy - and their father, who is a child, himself, on Halloween.

The patterns for these, as well as the witch and the bat that I didn't finish painting, are in earlier posts on this blog - for printing and doing them yourself for next year. Actually, the Jolly Roger would do for any little pirate year 'round.
Pat used a lot of Kreinik braid on these, and there are beads on the spider web to look like dew drops - I love the furry scary spider! Her stitching descriptive may be seen on her blog: Needleartnut


  1. I think these are wonderful, Judy. You owe Pat a huge thank you and we all owe you both gratitude for such a fun set to watch.

  2. Hi Judy,

    Pat did a wonderful job!

    What did the grandchildren think of them?

    I haven't forgotten to write back but DH came down sick last week. He's okay now but things were a bit crazy for a while and I'm slowly catching up again.

    Windy Meadow