Monday, April 27, 2009

A Lettering Preview!

Having an intensely busy week - but while this is available, I thought I would show it - I intend to do another tutorial to follow the one I did on Possibilities on putting names on stockings. The same applies to putting lettering on quotes - so look at this and get motivated!!
I was preparing my next article (deadline is now) for Needlepoint Now, and it struck me that I use the same method.
As with so many things, I never quite finished this one, but did find some of the threads I used. I'm really bad about klepping threads from one project to start another, and then waiting years to get back to it - dye lot troubles then arise. Oh dear.
I intend to steam press and block this thing and take another picture before I send it. It has been in the Cretaceous layer in the big box in the garage.

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