Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Free "Create Your Own Tartan" Site!!

This is the Anderson tartan - officially registered (I like to show it, as it's my family tartan - a very old one, and the only one with 7 colors) I haven't tackled "adapting" it for my own use, as it's a bit complicated.

Anyway - If you haven't seen my other blog post about it, there is a really great and fun place to go to create a plaid/tartan of your own. It's as entertaining as the Jig-Zone puzzles I play with when taking a break. (creative avoidance).

You can see it at SCOTWEB. From the home page, just click on "tartans" and scroll down a bit - and you can go to the place to design your own.


  1. hii
    i liked your blog soo much , i have a crochet and needle crafts blog
    i would like to swap links with you you put my url in your blog and the same fot me
    if you like this please u can leave a comment in my blog with your url
    thank you

  2. For anyone who reads this comment - this lady's blog is absolutely beautiful!!! I will put a link to it on the front page when I get a spare minute. Do go visit if you love beautiful crochet - both classic/elegant, and fun.

  3. thank you soo much for your lovely comment and your post for my blog