Monday, January 17, 2011

Shells for Ornaments

I found two more pictures of sea shells - these were for a friend who wanted to decorate a small tree for her studio (a finisher).

They are relatively small, at just 4 3/4" high for the blue shell, and 5" high for the yellow one before adding the outline for finishing. Of course you could enlarge either of them, and even put them on larger mesh canvas for a pillow or purse inset.
I may decide I need to stitch this blue one for myself, as I see Petite Very Velvet for the blue areas - or could even use a different color. Then the Kreinik #12 braid in 002V or the Vintage silver (can't remember the name of it right now, and my color card is in a drawer across the room).

The "nacre" finish of the pink/orange lip needs to be done in DMC Satin Floss, and the pearls are bump stitches with Renaissance Shimmer or Rainbow Gallery Flair.

I didn't add jewels to the yellow one, as I like the markings and the "shine" on it better.
I hope you enjoy these and can use them for yourselves and as gifts. There are lots of tutorials on this blog and on Possibilities, etc. to guide you in canvas prepraration if you haven't seen them. I'm still working on the trees, as I can see them as table settings through all seasons - or on the mantel.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More Patterns for Sea Shells

I actually found the file folder with my sea shells in it, so will present them here for your use and enjoyment. There are plenty of tutorials and instructions on this blog, here and there, to get you started drawing and painting on canvas. The outlines, of course, could also be used for other things, both needlework and other painting related crafts.

The outlines are the shapes of actual shells, (in the range of 5 1/2" high) but I had a lot of fun painting them in exotic colors instead of the realistic ones. You could always consult a shell dictionary for that if you would rather do the "real thing."

I can see the potential here for some really pretty threads, such as the DMC Satin Floss in the "pearl" interior of the shell.

Please excuse the tilted drawing - it's late, and I was too tired (lazy) to remove the thing from the scanner and straighten it out. I hope you enjoy these, as I have several more I want to show in the next day or two.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wonderful Color Schemes!

For any who didn't see my post a few weeks ago on Possibilities, be sure to visit this site of Kristina's and watch her develop color schemes from her beautiful photographs.
I especially like the way she shows these swatches with the colors in proportion to how they show in the pictures.
As this is a "freebies" blog, you are usually in the position of selecting your own colors, so this would be a great aid in doing so when dumping out the stash to pull out what you want to use for a project. Besides, it's interesting to see what she has added each Monday.
Go to Kristina Klarin's blog to see!! Be sure to click on "colour files" on the left side panel to see the swatches without the pictures. (in storage)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patterns for Sea Shells!

Digging in boxes again, I have found some small canvases and drawings I had forgotten about - my sea shell collection from several years ago. I will also post the pictures of the painted ones if I can find the files.

I have loved seashells my entire life - from the time I saw the first one when I was about three years old. I used to paint them on needlepoint canvas their true and original colors, but a few years ago, after seeing some jewelry, I decided to use "Caribbean colors" and add pearls, etc.

The first picture is actually a green tree snail, but I took liberties with it. I found a treasure of pictures in a gorgeous encyclopedia of shells, plus a few other books on the subject. Marine biology is of great interest to me, so I've really enjoyed these books. (It's nice to be able to justify expenditures).

The second picture has only been partially painted, and the jewels added - I hope I have a photo of this one in color. It's about 5 1/2" high.

The next two are the drawings on canvas, ready to paint, with the little "pearls" drawn also. The long, skinny one is 5 3/4" high. The shorter one is 5 1/4" high.
These are all that I have on canvas with the pearls, but there are more that are drawings of the actual shapes but without jewels. Also I found lots of just drawings on paper that I'll pass along in thenext post (while I'm still working on trees).
All of these shell shapes are drawn from pictures of the actual shells, so you might paint them realistically (leaving off the jewels) or do them in your choice of colors and do the pearls too.